Tuesday, July 19, 2011

921-Session 12-Research Supporting Edublog Usage

This session is research-based, and a little heavy on the statistics, so take what you can from the information, save the citations, and use them in the future if you need to substantiate and legitimize edublogging in the classroom.

But before we do that you may be interested in checking out this screencast on how to turn your blog postings into audio for differentiated instruction. (Click on it twice):

This session will be spent on gaining background knowledge on the research out there suppporting edublogs in the classroom. It is ready to be downloaded. While you are waiting, check out just a few of your peers' blogs.

  • Jennifer created a team blog where she and a few other school librarians will co-author the postings. This is a great example of how to foster collaboration with your peers, and an additional bonus is that it reduces the workload.

  • Kim added some great 'suggested readings' in the margin, as well as a cool widget and survey feature.

  • Diane has tons of kids commenting.

  • Leilani is having fun with her Kindergarten class and has added a weather pixie.

Also, check out, some of these links to past participants' postings and blogs.

Additionally, one recent posting that I really like is from: http://anne.teachesme.com/2007/01/17/rationale-for-educational-blogging/
this is from just one of the blogs that I subscribe to. It addresses the "Rationalization for Educational Blogging." It is very well written and a great place to start when trying to substantiate edublog usage in the classroom.

Also check out Christian's blog. I suggested he take a look at Slideshare.net and he took the ball and ran with it. (His March '07 postings) What great examples of presenting student work for an external audience. Fantastic!

And lastly, you'll find a number of links in the left hand margin that will bring you to screencasts for a few of Blogger's tools and resources. Check them out and don't forget to experiment with adding gadgets.

Good luck and have fun!


Past participants' comments:

and older past participant comments and insights may be accessed here.


MigSteele said...
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Ms. Steele said...

I liked Fisher’s focus on the tools not being the cure all – the importance is really in how they are applied to the classroom setting. I also really liked his idea that the classroom, in its evolved state should be more of a communication hub for students. I also enjoyed the emphasis Anne Davis placed on getting kids to write and communicate effectively in a digital format. I think this is something I can improve in my classroom.

Karen said...

S12: There is quite a bit of research on edublog use in the classroom. While I do agree that blogging is one way to reach students I still believe that all our web 2.0 tools should be used to enhance learning not just because we can.

I'm sure that things will be changing faster than we can keep up so it is nice to have the research out there to back up educators decisions if the need arises.

Lori said...

S12 - Wow, the times are changing so fast, how to keep up with it all! I have to admit, before this course, the only two blogs I read were Prez Hilton and the one edu blog, SardineBlog! What an eye opening experience it has been!

As educators, we are lucky to have so many people on our side pushing for such great technology to have in our classrooms.

I really try to implement as much technology as possible - there always seem to be roadblocks - not enough lab time, websites blocked, not the right program or piece of technology.

It seems to be that by the time the school district gets the approval to upgrade their technology to the newest thing, something else is out and we are a step behind again.

We are lucky though to have such a vast amount of research that we can refer to at the drop of a hat if need be.