Monday, July 11, 2011

921-Session 11

One of the elements we'll be covering in this session will be videoblogging. This is the ability to post more than just text to your blog, but entire videos to help support your lessons. I've shown you a few examples on our class blog this semester.
One of the great things about this tool (there are many to choose from) is that every resource and skill I will be showing you can be done for free.

You may read past participants' comments here, and here:

Here is example of a college using a vodcast (a video podcast), to help them solicit prospective students. They've posted this to YouTube so whenever a potential student does a search for Franklin College they'll receive this video as part of their results:

This session you will have the ability to go into as much depth as your curiosity allows. There is basic, elemental information available, as well as advanced information, instruction tutorials, and text directions for you to recreate and duplicate what these models show you. Similar to the distinction I made with Podcasts about the ability to simply use this tool, as opposed to creating videos yourself, please remember that I try to give you more information than you can digest with the hope that you will revisit these sessions in the future when the need (or desire) arises.

Here is another tutorial showing you a service that make podcasting seem simple:

Good luck, have fun, and keep an eye on the clock.


PS--I am currently in Fla. visiting Mickey (with my kids and won't be home until Sat.)  I'm having uploading issues with the file size for S12 which prohibit me from uploading and updated version fixing some of S12's dead links.  Please feel free to download the session anyway and disregard the deadlinks, otherwise please wait until Sat. when I will have a chance to remedy this issue.  Thanks for your patience.



Eileen said...

I think the students will love doing podcasting and videocasting when and if i can figure out how best to introduce it to them and feel like I have a handle on it before requiring them to do it. I like the idea of introducing it to them by creating small assignments like creating a presentation of themselves via podcasts instead of using the old familiar PowerPoint. I think the more I use this type of technology, the more I'll be able to use it for more important lessons without being afraid it.

Dave, I like your idea of sending individual links to the students to ensure that they don't explore whole sites on their own (given the access from school) like Youtube.

I did use last year for a couple of screencasts on how to do something on Excel and then posted that to my classroom wiki for all to view and use as needed during the lesson and then for students to review. I found this very helpful. The only problem was that during the year, I tried going back to Screentoaster and it was no longer available. This was frustrating as you finally get into using something and it changes. I tried going to this site today and it just came up to a message stating that the web domain has loaded information here yet. I will have to find another site to use instead of this one.

Itunes has podcasts and videos that apparently are easy to use so I will hopefully soon be checking these out.

I had never heard of the site and wonder if these will begin to become more popular over time.

Karen said...

S11: I think that vodcasting is really cool and that my students would really enjoy it, but I am feeling overwhelmed with how to go about doing something like this. It is something that I might try with my grade 9's possibly towards the end of the year but other than that I don't think vodcasting would work extremely well in a junior high setting.

I liked the YouTube example advertising the college campus, I think it could be interesting to have grade 9 students create a vodcast aimed towards grade 6 students as to why they should choose our school as their junior high. This is something that I will hopefully refer back to in the future.