Tuesday, June 15, 2010

921-Session 9-Collective Intelligence & Deliverable 3

Today we will continue with Collective Intelligence and I will introduce you to my 'living textbook' concept. I had the fortune of being hired to write an article on the topic. It was just published in May '08. Check it out.

Also, in this session, you will make your second addition to a wiki.

Good luck and don't forget to post your Deliverable 3 under this entry as well as on our wiki: http://wikidave.wikispaces.com/EDC921

You may also read past participants' D3's there.

Good luck and have fun!


A backup of this week's session can be found on Authorstream.com Once there just search for edc921 and view the appropriate session.


Mrs. Limoges said...

Deliverable #3
Jenn Limoges

A proposal for the Cov. Reading Department and Principal of W. O. School

• I propose implementing a "Washington Oak Wiki" (WOW) to record reading assessment scores, current personal literacy plans of students, and resource pages with lessons and activities designed to meet needs identified in targeted areas of instruction through the reading assessments.

(The rest can be viewed @ http://wikidave.wikispaces.com/921-Limoges%2C+Jennifer)

Jackie Fagan said...

Deliverable #3 Proposal for Implementation....Jackie Fagan

Dear Mr. McCarthy,

I have been studying the use of blogs and wikis in the classroom. I am excited about the possibilities I have seen. I would like to propose the addition of a chemistry wiki. A wiki is a collaborative website. This wiki would have editing rights to past and present chemistry students and parents at South Kingstown High School. It can be viewed by perspective students and parent to give them insight into the courses we offer here.

From an educational standpoint, students need to learn how to utilize the internet in a productive and safe way. If we don’t expose them to it in the classroom we are leaving out a huge part of their education. We are sending them out into the world with out the tools they need to access the information and collaborative opportunities available to them on the web. This wiki would be authentic exposure to wikis and more specifically my chemistry classroom at SKHS.

The full proposal will be posted to: http://wikidave.wikispaces.com/921

Mrs. Borges said...

My proposal is for our superintendent and IT director to allow access to and the use of a blog for our newly reformed technology committee. In the past, our tech. committee has had poor support because of difficulty in finding common times to meet. This would allow the asynchronous meeting time we need and would also allow more than a few people to speak. The entire proposal can be viewed at: http://wikidave.wikispaces.com/921-Borges%2C+Lisa

Mrs. Riley said...

This school year I would like to implement a book club blog to communicate with our students. A blog is a safe and exciting way to implement more technology into the curriculum and it allows students to share their thoughts and receive feedback from their peers. This book club blog will be a collaborative learning tool to enhance the depth of our students’ learning.

The first example I would show administration is Will Richardson’s video so that they can have a better idea of what a weblog is and the uses for the classroom. http://weblogg-ed.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/05/WebLoggingSmall.mov

Then I would show them Anne’s blog as an example of what I think one of the best blogs in education looks like. http://itc.blogs.com/thewriteweblog/ . Looking at her blog I can present to the administration what a blog can do for our students and I can address their security issues.

The next example I would show them would be the blog that I have already set up. Instead of showing them someone else’s work I would want them to see what the Lane Lions Book Club Blog would entail. This way I can walk them through the security features and show them how students can post on the blog and how I would interact with them.

The last example I would show the administration would be the letter from page 15 of our text book. I would modify it for this blog and for our students but I would show it as an example of what I would be sending home to parents to explain the blog to them and to gain their permission for their child to use the blog.

Since the blog will be run by myself and another tech savy teacher I do not see any issues with using a blog technology wise. One roadblock that I do see for students, though, is not all of them will have internet access at home. For those students who do not we will have 3 computers open the first 15 minutes of lunch in the media center that I will supervise for those students who need to post to the blog from school. The biggest issue that I can foresee with the blog is that our students do not have an email address to post to the blog. If the technology department is not open to the students receiving email accounts then I will be creating one for each student using gmail which is also a free service. Parents will be then notified of the account and password for their child and have to sign their permission for the email address. The only other issue that will come up with the book club blog is if a parent does not give their permission for their child to participate in the blog. Myself and the other moderator will have to handle this on a case by case basis so that a student is not left out due to parental permission. We will personally talk to the parent to make sure they understand the blog and the security that is in place and if permission is still not given the student can still share their thoughts at book club meetings.

I am suggesting that we use Blogger for the book club blog because I am very familiar with the program and it has been successfully used by other schools for educational blogs. It also has great privacy settings so we can only allow students in the book club to post and I can review all posts before they show up on the blog. It is a very easy program to use for the students and they will be able to share their thoughts with little effort. It also has ease of use for the administrator of the blog which is important because I can add in later widgets and podcasts as the blog grows.

My long term goal is to see the book club blog grow in popularity and to see the students’ learning experience enhanced by this technology. Eventually I would like to add a media center blog where any student and staff member can post a review of a book they have read.

Coach Kim said...

Deliverable #3
Kim Lebrun

A proposal for a collective wiki to be used as a organizational tool for the team piloting the one-to-one grant. Since this grant puts a laptop into the hands of every child in those 2 classes, textbooks would be put back on the self and the internet would be the new learning tool. We are entering into unchartered waters and a wiki would be a great way to organize the curricular materials and keep all team info in one place.

You can see the rest of this proposal at http://wikidave.wikispaces.com/921-Lebrun%2C+Kim

Coach Kim said...

I am soooo impressed by the CK 12 flex book idea. I am going to make sure that I spread the word about this. Although it seems great for math and science, I am wondering if there are any websites like CK 12 that have a focus on ELA and Social Studies, or maybe even some of the arts. Does anyone know of such sites?

Mr. Schofield said...

I posted Deliverable #3 today. It advocates for a pilot year of Wikispaces with a focus on instruction related to PBGR and NECAP preparation. I propose that department chairs undergo training in order to introduce the notion of a wiki and develop a page per departement at least once a semester. This will eventually lead to teachers posting their own lessons and evaluation units thereby developing an online cache of intructional resources for all teachers, new and veteran. Feel free to take a peak at my ideas as presented in the proposal.

Mrs. Charest said...

Liz Charest
k-5 Music Teacher
North Kingstown

Deliverable #3

I proposed the use of a class blog in my music classes. While writing this assignment I became more excited about actually implementing a class blog for next school year. I found a really great example of a band teachers blog and I added it to my proposal. His was very neatly laid out and gave me a lot of ideas for mine.