Tuesday, June 15, 2010

921-Session 10

I thought I'd take a moment to go over the schedule for the rest of the semester.

  • 6/15---Sessions 8, 9, &10

  • 6/22----Session 11 & 12 (optional)

  • 6/25---Midnight---Final Project (details in syllabus)

  • Deliverable #3 should be completed and posted under S 9's comments before (as well as placed on the wiki)

Please don't wait until the last minute to contact me if you have any questions, and as with all of these projects, "Practicality Shall Take Precedent over All." That means that if you have an idea to modify a Deliverable or Final Project so that it will be more useful to you in your setting then please feel free to pass your ideas by me. (I approve most of them.)

If you'd like to read past participants' comments you may find them here:

Spring '09

Summer of '08 are here.

Some people find that reading these ahead of the session gives them some well-needed perspective.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with Podcasting, so let me put it in simple terms. You have the choice of going the 'simplistic route' or the more 'complex route'. The simple route entails finding, listening, and integrating podcasts that have been created by others into your lessons. The complex route entails creating them yourself or with your students. Keep these distinctions in mind to avoid drowning yourself in S10 & S 11.

Someone mentioned that they wanted to know if it was possible to set up an "Instant Messaging" box on their blog. The answer is, "yes!" I haven't tried it myself, but I know that you can use any number of services, like: (http://www.plugoo.com/, or http://www.meebome.com/learnmore.html )

Mr. Dudley (a past participant) mentions his success here.

This session brings us to a new category, "PODCASTING." I have found that teachers' experiences, and exposure, to podcasts vary widely, so I built in some 'Differentiated Instruction' into this session. For those of you new to the term you will be enlightened, and if you want more detail there will be hyperlinks from most slides that will give you that extra support you may need or want. Here is a video to give you a brief overview if you're a 'newbie.'

For those of you with more experience, I have integrated into the session the opportunity to bring yourself to the next stage in your 'podcasting evolution.' You will find video tutorials, and dozens of resources, that will help you rise to the next level of 'podcasting sophistication,' so you may create your own if you are so inclined. Here is a more 'research-based' video for those of you interested in that aspect.

For others, you may not have any desire to learn or use podcasts at this point in your career, so if that is the case you may skim through this section and focus upon your Final Project. Next session will expand on Podcasting and address Videocasting.

Good luck and podcast away!



Coach Kim said...

The world of podcasting seems so vast. Thank you for all of the links to places to download them, I will searching through them over the next couple of days to put some of them into my final project. For the project that I am working on for the final deliverable I need some resources. Anyone know of any good resources that I could use as links for my middle school students? I have the obvious ones, but I didn't know if anyone had games sites or other treasures that they thought would be appropriate for middle schoolers? Any help would be greatly appreciated...

Mrs. Limoges said...

This session came at just the right time as I started to try to think of ways I could incorporate recordings of fluent passages, and and recording oaf students oral reading for both self and teacher evaluation in my final project. I was thinking that it might be too technical, but I think I might give it a whirl with my ipod this week. If the 4th and 5th graders from the langwiches-org podcast could do it, I guess I should be able to as well!

Coach Kim, si there a specific topic you are looking for?

Mrs. Borges said...

Coach Kim, feel free to explore the links I have on my web site: https://sites.google.com/site/mrsborges/Home/links-1 I teach middle school and so they should be the right level. i just don't know if they are what you are looking for.

Mrs. Borges said...

Pod casting looks like a great tool for creating and sharing lessons and also as a product tool for students. While I haven't fully jumped into this area yet, I hope to explore it more this summer. Since I teach computer applications, most of my recordings are things I am doing on my workstation or online. For those purposes, screenjelly and screentoaster are great tools for the creation of short video/screen recordings. One use I have found, is that if I know I am going to be absent, I record my directions in the form of a video tutorial with screenjelly and then I upload it to my web site. That way, no matter who is in for me, I know the students will receive the exact instruction I had planned.

Coach Kim said...

Thank you so much for trying to help me out with this. I just visited your site Mrs. Borges and there is so much stuff there...I am going to definitely try to visit them to figure out which will work for my situation.

I am basically looking for everything. My school has just decided to pilot a team with the one-to-one grant so a lucky team is getting rid of text books and going virtual. I am working on creating them a wiki to help them get organized and to put some sites that will be helpful to them. Since I don't know exactly what they will be doing, I am looking for any kind of general stuff that could live on a wiki. Anything from games, extension activities, great video streaming sites, etc. I know that this is super vague, but that is because I want to create a warehouse of resources for them so they can pick and choose the ones that work for them the best. Thank you both for trying to help me. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated...Sorry again for being really vague...

Mr. Schofield said...

As an English teacher, I am really excited about incorporating Podcasts into my instructions. The possibilities are endless. Some ideas I already have are dramatic readings and explanations that students can post to a wiki for others to hear (this will be part of my final project), poetry (both professional and student-produced) readings, and podcasts of some of my lectures just like Dave does with the PowerPoints. What a great review and differentiation tool!!